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Assistant Manager

1. Strong leadership skills the ability to manage a team effectively
2. Min. 1 year experience in online clothing brand
3. Excellent communication skills, both verbal written
4. High level of organization attention to detail
5. Strong problem solving skills
6. Ability to prioritize tasks manage time effectively
7. Proficiency in Microsoft Office other relevant software
8. Ability to handle multiple tasks work under pressure
9. Excellent costumer service skills the ability to handle complaints effectively
10. Knowledge of business operations financial management
11. Ability to handle operate marketplace

Job Description:
1. Assist the Manager with daily operations, including planning delegating tasks to team members, monitoring performance, providing feedback
2. Develop and implement strategies to improve business processes, increase productivity, enhance customer service
3. Ensure that the business is compliant with all relevant regulations, laws, policies
4. Manage the business in the absence of the Manager, making decisions on their behalf as required

If you meet the requirements are enthusiastic about joining our team, submit your application with a portfolio!

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Subject: Assistant Manager at MiniMino


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