PT Organika Alam Semesta ( is an independent beauty company that started in 2016. As a pioneer in importing Korean beauty brands to Indonesia, we aim to bring in good quality skincare and make it accessible for the locals. As well as educating our user community on the importance of selecting good skincare WHILE CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

Our team is made of young dynamic talents who aspire to make a difference in this over-saturated beauty industry. We are fast growing and looking for like-minded individuals who have a strong passion for beauty and human connection through building a community via O2O platforms to expand our business across all of Indonesia.

If you are a creative and organized individual who has an interest in the beauty industry, we’d love for you to be part of the team!

Kembangan, Jakarta Barat

Please send your resume, portfolio, or portfolio account to email

Ayo mention teman-teman kamu.
Semoga keterima kerja ya!

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